Making Sales from Social Media Marketing


In this episode of the Business Millennials Podcast, hosts Safa Harris and Ashley Dreager dive into the rapidly changing landscape of social media and consumer behavior. They explore the growing demand for authenticity, genuine conversations, and value alignment between businesses and their target audiences.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Consumers crave authentic connections and real conversations on social media
  2. Businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to focus on building genuine relationships rather than overt selling
  3. A brand's values and identity play a crucial role in resonating with its target market
  4. Consumers increasingly prefer businesses that share their values and demonstrate social responsibility
  5. Effective brand communication involves being accessible, engaging, and aligned with consumer values
  6. Missteps in brand messaging can have significant consequences, as demonstrated by Kellogg's recent controversy
  7. The future of social media marketing lies in creating entertaining, value-driven content that resonates with audiences

The hosts emphasize the importance of businesses understanding and catering to the evolving desires of their target market. They discuss the shift away from traditional, sales-focused marketing towards a more authentic, value-driven approach that prioritizes genuine connections and shared values.

The discussion also delves into the evolution of influencer marketing and brand deals, highlighting the need for strategic partnerships that align with a brand's identity and values. The hosts stress the significance of businesses being accessible, engaging, and socially responsible to thrive in the current economic landscape.

Using Kellogg's recent marketing misstep as a cautionary tale, Safa and Ashley underscore the potential consequences of misaligned brand messaging. They emphasize the importance of carefully crafting content that resonates with consumers and reflects a brand's core values.

As social media continues to evolve, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to focus on creating entertaining, value-driven content that fosters authentic connections with their target audience. By prioritizing authenticity, shared values, and genuine conversations, brands can successfully navigate the changing landscape of social media marketing.

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