Nice to meet you! We're Safa & Ashley


After years of circling the same online business communities with parallel connections, our worlds collided in a book club where we realized we shared a vision and passion for business done right.

Coming from the same mindset and mission, we combined our strengths and launched our agency—Scale & Thrive Co., in 2023. 

Our high-impact marketing strategies and solutions have helped countless entrepreneurs sustain their businesses and connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

In January 2024, we launched our first podcast called The Business Millenials. Like other creators, we had a blast dropping our knowledge, insights, and experiences.

Along the way, we noticed how much entrepreneurs needed to simplify and manage their content creation without wasting time, effort, or finances. 

That’s when we decided to open a digital store to offer awesome resources to skyrocket your business all in one place.

Safa Harris Founder of The Business Millennials

Meet Safa!

Safa’s an operations ninja and kid-wrangling queen based in sunny Florida.Sure, she’s a pro at streamlining processes, brewing up new revenue streams, and talking strategy. But what else refuels her energy levels? Seeking out stellar travel deals, squeezing in morning workouts, devouring books, and making that kernel-crunching popcorn disappear – all while keepin’ it together for her lil’ ones. Ambition with a side of balance? You know it.

Ashley Dreager Founder of The Business Millennials

Meet Ashley!

Ashley’s a marketing genius by day and a nature-loving mama the rest of the time.When she’s not dreaming up creative campaigns in her Seattle home base, you’ll find her hiking forest trails, digging in the garden, or scoping out sweet new spots – toddlers in tow, of course! Her super power? Staying ahead of the trends while keeping a grounded presence.